denise fiedler

Denise Fiedler is paste, and paste is Denise Fiedler. Denise has a varied and accomplished history in design and the creative arts.

She received her degree in Interior Design. Upon graduation she moved to Chicago where she was a store designer for Marshall Field & Co.
She then moved to Boston working for Crate and Barrel overseeing Marimekko.
From there Denise followed her heart and the sun and went west to
San Francisco which has been her home for the past 27 years.
It was in SF that she launched her first business, Bravura, a textile-based fashion and home accessory company.

Her current venture is paste, a new and creative take on the art of collage. A lover of books, Denise has taken vintage printed pages and incorporated them into representational images. She designs through that which she connects with, which can be anything from traditional and iconic architecture, to fashion, to dogs, to food, to portraiture of people that have caught her eye and imagination.

paste is an artistic endeavor that evolves and develops with Denise's artistic visions. Each piece from paste is an original piece of art handmade by Denise.